WTS/WTT OR Glock G43 Trigger & 3.5# Trigger Bar

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    Orange County Custom Glock Trigger - G43 Model

    For those that shoot the G43 you're familiar with how the safety sticks out even when depressed - not super comfortable. Problem solved with the custom tapered safety. High polish is great for a smooth action trigger... I sold my G43 stock and have no use for this. Clean, oiled and ready to go.
    This trigger is black with the blue safety like the one in the first photo below.

    Made exclusively for Glock Pistols
    Manufactured with Glock factory parts to ensure reliability
    Unique adjustable pre-travel screw modification
    Hand polished trigger bars for consistent, reliable action
    Trigger travel is short & transitions to a predictable wall
    Crisp & clean trigger breaks
    Helps reduce muzzle movement for improved accuracy

    $65 plus shipping new- $50 here with all original packaging
    Add $15 if you'd like a 3.5# trigger bar included
    $85 Trade value

    Trade options:
    AR Brass/Powder/Primers
    .40 S&W 180g projectiles
    380 Auto Brass
    Full or partial trade OK


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