Glock 9mms - 26s and or 19

Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by The B, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Looking to add a couple compact Glock 9 emems to the arsenal. Would be interested in dual 26s or a 26 and a 19. Don't need any more 17s and don't shoot other calibers.

    Here's my general budget for this procurement -

    Two used excellent condition pistols - $900 or up to $450 a piece
    Two brand spankin' new pistols - $1000 or up to $500 a piece
    Two used good condition w/ wear pistols - $800 or up to $400 a piece
    Not interested in heavily worn or modified pistols, unless you're selling for dirt cheap.

    Willing to adjust for nite sights (desirable), extra magazines, etc.. but I don't need any ammo, holsters, extra parts, etc.

    Any combination of the above is cool.

    Would prefer to do this without a paper trail, but if you're one of those government-is-gonna-come-arrest-me-if-I-even-think-about-breaking-the-law types, I GUESS I'll sign a bill of sale. I'm Oregon resident (FFL transfer for a GOOD DEAL on a WA gun is considerable), legally able to buy and possess, and have Oregon plates and ID.

    Would also possibly be interested in similar pistols from M&P, but people tend to want more money for those.. so maybe, maybe not. Not interested in other makes.


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    When I was shopping for my pistol, the shop I went to was selling Glock 19's for $450 brand-new, I believe. The Gun Broker in Tigard, OR.
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    I saw a gen 3 27 at Cabelas yesterday for $519 new. The 26 should be the same price. This is the cheapest price on a new Glock i have seen in a while.

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