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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Portaledgepete, Sep 29, 2014.

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    I just bought my first Glock, a 42. All I can say is what is up with that trigger? Stiff, yet squishy. How can a gun this small have that much travel before the break and why is it as gritty as dragging a brick across some blacktop?
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    My G21 SF had a pretty awful trigger before I polished it up and put in a 3.5 pound disconnector.

    They are pretty creepy and kind of mushy across the product line, but somehow you will be able to shoot well with it once you get it smoothed out.

    There's a lot of "how-to" postings on the net. I didn't opt for the lightweight springs, but I did do several of the things listed in this one:

    Don't do anything you are not comfortable doing and go slowly. If you're not accustomed to tuning up guns it'd be worthwhile (i.e., safer) to take it to a local smith and have them smooth it out.

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