Glock .40 22 round mags

Hey ladies and germs..... I thought some of you might like to know that GLOCK now makes "high capacity" mags for your Glock .40 cal. pistols (and other firearms that take Glock .40 cal. mags). I have owned some victory POS 31 round mags in the past and I was never happy with how they performed, and sure as heck wouldn't use them for self defense. If you are interested in getting some 22 rnd mags, the only place I know of that is selling them is Botach Tactical and they are going for $40 ea. I ordered 2 and with shipping it was $88 and some change. You can usually get a 15% discount on that site but you will not be able to get the discount on these mags :( but if you end up buying other stuff you can use "stimulus" to get the discount.

Here is the link to the mags :s0155:.
<broken link removed>

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