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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by MountainBear, Feb 28, 2010.

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    So I have decided that this is not the Glock for me. It is a Glock 36, slim frame, single stack .45 ACP with the OD frame and standard slides. It is like new in the box with only 24 rounds through it for function testing. It comes with the box, paperwork, mag loader, and everything else that came with the gun (although I think I pitched the padlock, I can find you another if you want it). It also comes with three extra mags for a total of five. All five have pearce grip extensions.
    I am looking to trade for one of the following only. A Glock 32 in .357 Sig (no full-size or sub-compact), a S&W M&P compact in .357 Sig, a S&W M&P Pro a Colt .38 Super, or a Colt Lightweight Commander in .45 ACP. If you think of something else I might like, feel free to offer. I don't like anything Taurus makes. No shotguns or SKS's please. No cash price. I will take the buyers name and contact information on a bill of sale.

    No pictures, but its a Glock. Check the Glock website. I just don't have the time to photograph right now.
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