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357 Sig
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20210216_094518.jpg I have a Glock 32 gen4 in like new condition, fellow member I got it from bought it new and never fired it(must have cleaned it, the copper colored grease is absent) . I hadn't fired it either so round count is zero. For those unaware this is the glock 19/23 size that shoots the 357sig.
Comes with the three 13 round mags, factory hard case, literature, back straps and a set of used (about 25% tritium remaining) trijicon night sights that are not pictured. ( update:FOUND A SET OF OEM SIGHTS Im gonna install instead,taking $50 off price,-glock $500 and ammo $300).
I bought the pictured setup wanting to have a glock with a red dot, not digging the current setup so I found an MOS 17 slide that I'm gonna build around the holosun. The red dot is not included.
The ammo I've included is far under the price that Midwayusa has listed. Midway is a reputable dealer so I went with their prices minus about 25% . Retail of this ammo is $396.80. I want 300 for the rounds. I believe that is a very fair asking price. All the boxes are full except the box of fiocchi, has 25 out of a 50 round box.
357 sig is an expensive cartridge to shoot, buyer beware. Or spend $100 and get a 9mm conversion barrel, or add a g23 barrel and your shooting. 40.....part of what makes glock so great! The Civil defense loads advertise 2300 feet per second. That's almost rifle speed!!!
I'm pricing this package as $500 for the glock and $300 for the ammo. I'd only separate if the buyer doesn't want the ammo.ill give this add a week and if it hasn't sold, I'll sell most/some of the ammo separate.

I have a short list of things I'd trade for:
(+/- cash)
*Ruger precision 22
*Ruger mark 4 lite

Meet at a cut above pàwn in aloha and ill cover ffl/bgc(if buying, for trades each covers their own). Or meet at your ffl within 30 miles and you cover fees. (Weekends)

Good shooting,

20210216_094711.jpg 20210216_094701.jpg 20210216_094652.jpg 20210216_094525.jpg 20210216_094525.jpg 20210216_094518.jpg sights from this 19L 20201203_081258.jpg
Screenshot_20210216-090015_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210216-090107_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210216-090239_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210216-090330_Chrome.jpg
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