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WTS/WTT OR Glock 26 gen 3 w/ extras

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by djblingbling1, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. djblingbling1

    djblingbling1 Keizer, OR Active Member

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    I have my longtime carry glock 26 up for trade. Bought a glock 19 to replace it and sadly have to let this faithful piece go. Bought new by me in I think 2012, still in great shape even though its been carried daily, this is from back before glock started cheaping out on their slide finishes.

    It has a Ghost INC extended magazine release as well as their 3.5 connector, but it will com with both of the stock parts. I have 2 pearce pinky extensions as well as the stock baseplates. There is also a magpul 17 rounder with a 26 adapter on it that has been very crapily yet functionally stippled my yours truly. Also new in the box is a beavertail for the back if you so desire in FDE.

    Round count is at around 3-400 flawless and perfect rounds. I think my new 19 hits a bit to the left but this thing for its size is a tack driver. Never had a jam, miss feed, stovepipe, or anything.

    This would make the perfect CC gun.

    I would prefer to trade but am very open to cash. I going to place the cash price at $500, considering the extras and pristine condition. In lieu of the recent events in Roseburg if you show me a college ID as well as a CCL ill let it go for $480, with a pat on the back for being a responsible armed american.

    For trades here is what im after, with ir without cash depending:
    Incog holster for G19 +cash
    9mm Pistol AR Upper (7.5"ish)
    10.5" 5.56 ar pistol upper
    Glock 43
    Glock 17
    Super mega compact .38 revolver or similar caliber, and by similar I mean just a revolver....
    Mega compact guns of other sorts, really not into .380s but if its super mega cool then maybe.
    Historical rifles/pistols
    Black powder rifles (Reaaaaaaallly have been wanting to get into black powder!)
    Glock 19 slide
    Glock 19 grip on its own so I can chop it short + Cash
    Custom stippling (must be a legit stippler not just a bro with a soldering iron)
    Project motorcycle?

    Im located in Keizer, OR

    For the right trade im usually willing to travel a bit north or south...for a sale you will probably need to come to my AO.

    PM me on here or shoot me a text to work out all the fun details of the trade/sale;


    Thanks for looking!

    IMG_0577.JPG IMG_0575.JPG IMG_0576.JPG
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2015
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  2. djblingbling1

    djblingbling1 Keizer, OR Active Member

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    Put the extended mag release on my g19 so lets drop it $10 down to $490
  3. Khalsa

    Khalsa Eugene Active Member

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    Wow I can't believe you're selling the 26! I bought a brand new 19 gen 4 in FDE but I'm still hesitant as hell to give up the 26, just a tad smaller and such a nice gun. Anyway glad you got a 19[emoji108]
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