Glock 23 w/NS and Extras

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    -For some reason I could not edit my other ad so I closed it to make a new one-

    I have a Glock 23 with factory Night Sights. It has 10rds total through it. I have carried it nearly every day since I bought it about 2 months ago at Wholesale Sports in Salem. It does have some finish wear, but not a lot. Here are the upgrades/extras -
    - 3 mags total, all factory
    - Lightning Strike SS guid rod
    - Grip Plug
    - Blackhawk Check 6 Holster
    - Bianchi Leather Holster, for CC, work once, has thumb break
    - Galco Leather double mag pouch
    - 40rds Buffalo Bore SD ammo
    - .40 cal Boresnake, New.

    I'm looking to trade this whole package for the right gun, or guns with cash from you if needed. Here is my trade list -
    - Marlin .45-70 Guide Gun
    - Nice, Win. .30-30, prefere pre-64
    - Win. M12 12ga
    - HD Rem 870 w/wood stocks
    - HD Moss 500/590 w/wood
    - HD Win 1300 w/wood
    - S&W small .357 mag, not .38.
    - M1 Garand

    I have about 825 into this package, if you would like a price list, PM me. I am looking for about 700 or so trade value. Send me all offers please. This is a perfect CC set up. I'm 5'11" or so, 200lbs and can conceal it with a T-Shirt. If you have something I really like, value to me goes out the window. Also may trade for a 4x4 truck of Jeep CJ project.

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