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I have two handguns:

Glock 23 - Gen 3. 50 rounds through gun. Standard sights. Comes with 3 mags: 2 13 rd and 1 15 rd. One box of Winchester ammo 50 rds. Original case, lock, cleaning brush, manual, etc. ****SOLD****

Kel Tec .32 - About 50 rounds through gun. Comes with one mag. Original box, nylon case, lock, manual, etc. Factory recoil assembly replaced, paperwork included. Asking $250

I may be interested in trades for lightly used guns. If so, at this time I am only looking at the following:
1. AK underfolder (Romanian w/ plastic furniture)
2. Glock 19 (Gen 3)

Would like to do a FTF with current ODL.
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