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    I have up for sale a Glock 19 Gen 3 with glock standard sights. The gun has about 1500 rounds down the pipe. I litteraly detail strip this gun everytime I shoot it. She is super clean! There is a litte wear on the slide releast and the extractor. Other than that the finish is perfect! Included with the gun is everything that comes from glock minus the gun lock. I gave that away to an ex girlfriend who bought a gun and has young children. If that is an issue I'm sure I can dig one out of a box somewhere.

    In this package you will get:
    Gen 3 Glock 19, 2 15 round mags plus box and paperwork which I value at about $450
    3 additonal 17 rounds mags, valued at $25 a piece so $75
    1 Streamlight TLR-1 in almost new condition used value is $80
    1 Safariland lightbearing paddle holster Value is $100
    Plus 82 rounds of 124 grain +p+ jacketed hollow points. Valued at about a dollar per round, $80

    Option number 1 is to buy the entire package for $700 obo. Valued at almost $800!

    Option number 2 is to but everything but the light and holster for the price of $590.

    Option number 3 is The glock, 2 15 round mags and 31 rounds of ammo for $480.

    Option 4 is just the gun box papers and two mags for $450.

    That is a great deal considering you could buy a new Glock 19 for around $575 and only get two mags and no ammo.

    PM all offers. Exchange will take place in McMinnville. Cash only no trades. Must show OR ID, DL or CHL. I am willing to do a bill of sale if you would like but not required.

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