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Glock 19 Gen 3(?) in stock at Buds, but must be VIP member

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by ATCclears, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. ATCclears

    ATCclears Seattle area, WA Well-Known Member

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    Glock 19 9mm 15RD FS $575.00 SHIPS FREE

    I mention this since I think some here want a Glock 19. I'm not a Glock guy but I think the listed item is a Generation 3. The current price is $575 if paying with a check, and $592.25 if paying with a credit card.

    You have to be a VIP Member on Buds to be able to purchase this item. I am, and I will say that it has been $17 well spent in the past year since I get first dibs to items on my wish list once they come back into stock.


  2. andreys21

    andreys21 Milwaukie, OR Active Member

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    For those in Portland metro area, I picked up a glock 19 gen 3 with 2 mags for $550 at Northwest Armory. They said they had a ton of them.
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  3. biggie24420

    biggie24420 Beaverton Oregon Well-Known Member

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    My buddy called Keith's and they were jerks over the phone as usual he said. They wouldn't tell my friend their inventory. I qualify for the LEO discount on Glocks so I recently (before the gun craze sale) picked up two G17s Gen4 with consecutive serial numbers for $398 :)
    If they have any G19s I would be interested in getting a few to be honest with you.... from Keith's that is. I can tolerate the abrasive attitude because I get the discount.