WTS OR Glock 17/19 Gen 3 Travis Haley Strategic Skimmer Trigger

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    I have one (1) 9mm Glock Gen 3 Travis Haley Skimmer Trigger by GlockTriggers.com for sale. This was in a Glock and had less than 50 rounds total through it. The Glock trigger is FACTORY OEM parts that been highly polished to run very smoothly. It retains all factory Glock trigger safeties. This will work in any Gen 3 9mm Glock. Selling for $100.00. PM or text me at 541.554.8951.

    IMG_1429.JPG IMG_1430.JPG IMG_1431.JPG IMG_1432.JPG IMG_1433.JPG IMG_1434.JPG IMG_1435.JPG

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