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Glock 10mm question


I have two 10mm's, both 1911 designs. I don't hand load real hot and the recoil from my two 10mm automatics is pretty acceptable. Question, with the frame being lighter on the Glock 10mm, can I expect more recoil? Stands to reason yes, but sometimes makers are able to employ design features that cut perceived recoil. Tell me true, please.
I have a G20.4 (10mm Glock, 4th Generation) and it is a soft shooter.
It is also very accurate.
Racking the slide is also a very smooth event.

Anyone that tries it, loves it.
It qualifies as smooth enough for a long range session.

I also have a Tanfo Stock III in 10mm that is another sweetie.

10mm Auto.....For The Win
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For those reloading 10mm what powder do you use? I see #7 and blue dot listed, any others? If you use a Dillon press how do the powders meter from the powder measure. I’ve always wanted a Glock 20 but will need to reload for sure if I get one.
Accurate has data for #7 and #9 listed online for free. I’ve loaded #7 - works great, but I wanted to see if I could squeeze more velocity out of the G20 so I bought some #9, though I haven’t loaded with it yet.


Thank you all for your replies/

This. If you watch slow motion videos of a Glock frame flexing during firing you’d be surprised. Slow motion Glock Frame flexing -
This is fantastic, I had no idea.

Re,. the 10mm Glock, I'm liking the model with the long slide and barrel. I have large hands. The two Glocks I already have are the mid-frame size, a 19 (9mm) and a 23 (.40 S&W). I have no problem holding on to these, but just for kicks I put finger extensions on the mags on both. These two pistols are so much alike at a glance that I put red Teflon tape around the grip of the .40 for quick ID.

I also have a Smith & Wesson Model 610 revolver, pretty hefty, no issues with recoil on that one. But as I said, I hand load kinda soft.

I've tested all kinds of 10mm loads over my chrono, have a few favorites. Mostly, I fire the heavier bullets in them.

At one time, I also had a 10mm Auto barrel for Contender. I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn't shoot the Contender well with any barrel. My dad had a saying, "Couldn't hit a bull in the a$$ with bass fiddle," that was me with Contender equipment. I made it all go away. Otherwise, I can shoot most handguns well enough. When I'm range shooting pistols, I'm on the 25 yard targets, not with the heroes down on the 7 yard line. I don't get it, some people think 7 yards is a test of marksmanship. My Ruger SR1911 in 10mm, I can hit the black ball on paper at 50 yards with that one.
I have a 29.4 and 20.4, they are okay with 180 and 155 Underwood, do like my XDM 5.25 better, better sights, easier to grip. My heavy EAA Witness Elite Match best for recoil, XDM's next then Glock's, no 1911 10's to compare. the 29 with the short barrel is still okay with the same loads,


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