Glass houses...oops!

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Dave Workman

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    Are anti-gunners tossing rocks in glass houses?
    An e-mail yesterday from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR) complained about “deception” and “outright lies” told by the so-called “gun lobby,” ironically two days after the Washington Post called out a Connecticut senator for using misleading data about school shootings from at Everytown for Gun Safety, and after a CNN poll released Tuesday showed growing opposition to Barack Obama’s gun policy.
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  2. WasrNwarpaint

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    OFCOURSE they will lie thru their teeth & to their own ends.... THE MASSES EAT IT UP.....& THEY ARE WINNING:mad:

    BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS.............where is our NATIONAL pro gun lobby to publicly refute all these lies and educate the unaware masses with the truth and facts & statistics.....why is it left to the little guys in states like us to individually to fight the bloomberg machine..WE DONT HAVE THE COLLECTIVE VOICE WE THOUGHT WE HAD WITH THE NRA BACKING US AS WE HAVE LOYALLY BACKED THEM FOR MANY YEARS.

    The Bloomberg articles in the nra mags are just preaching to the choir and a waste of revenue UNLESS YOUR GOAL IS GENERATING MORE REVENUE from the same tired cash cow we've become for those million dollar nra salaries.

    Ive been screamed at that the NRA only does national which is bullstien"taku"....I have a riflemen mag here with Lapierre looking for more donations to fight bloomberg....ya those post cards nra sent us must have broke the nra bank :rolleyes:....million dollar salaries........our rights are being sold out BY BOTH SIDES!

    & there is our problem were are not unified, our NATIONAL pro gun group is also just as crooked & deceitful, the issue is they are ONLY interested in filling their own pockets by using the bloomberg attacks as the excuse to build a fever pitch of the oncoming bloomberg assault on our rights as he buys democrats, state by state

    An attack on the this not a NATIONAL problem? so where is our national nra faction to defend our rights COLLECTIVELY.........ISNT IT ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WE JOIN THE NRA...A COLLECTIVE VOICE & FORCE? please tell me we didnt all join for the cheapo nra swag when you join?

    Sadly the bloomberg crew is unified and operate like a machine, while our National unified group although a machine aswell sadly operates more like a slot machine.....the house ALWAYS reaps ALL the rewards


    I know some have been staunch nra members since you were kids....but this isnt the same nra today.....todays nra is corporate greed driven...and every week I get phone calls, snail mail & emails from the nra looking for more donations to fight bloomberg to only receive a postcard telling me to fight my own battles...I will spend my time to educate the masses that cant see who the nra has become.....

    bash me AGAIN you resident nra sicophants that just will fuel my fire.
    Im merely a messenger....YOU NEED TO START WRITING YOUR nra and asking them where is our support like the support we gave them over all these years!!!


    if so I digress...oh wait a minuet thats already happend and we are ALREADY losing our rights and our guns are being registered prior to the inevitable democrat agenda........ confiscation
    If you feel Washington or Oregon got a fair representation from the nra ....let your bashing begin:rolleyes:
  3. Deebow

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    Let them lie. It will catch them in the end.

    And I don't think it can be counted as "winning" when companies are moving to accommodate their corporate beliefs and taking tax revenue and jobs with them to friendly places, and leaving the blame for higher unemployment with the likes of Martin O'Malley and Mayor Bloomturd.

    Gun ownership is at an all time high, and CHLs are headed there too. Watching pictures from Baltimore shows the country you can't count on the cops to come save you, even you are a libtard anti-gunner.

    I am going to enjoy watching all of this hysterical fainting by the libs die out in the next 10 years as they continue their match toward irrelevance.
  4. rick benjamin

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    Bloomberg dictates an action and doles out money to do it.

    Washington, Oregon, Colorado are over the cliff, having elected liberal representatives.
    The thundering herd trusting their direction and leadership.
    They re-formed meanings to imply one can be both for and against.
    There are many NRA members in the thundering herd.
    Drowning in the KoolAid poured out by Bloomberg and others,
    regurgitating Bloomberg isms. Who is the Sycophant?

    How then shall the NRA convince liberal sycophants to vote for guns?
    Any ideas?
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  5. decklin

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    The NRA isn't interested in Rights.
    Only privileges. Privileges can be taken away. Privileges need to be paid for.
    Why else do they back licensing and not Constitutional Carry?
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  6. 3MTA3

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    I've read Dave's article three times and somehow I still keep missing the part about your grudge against the NRA. Please start your own thread to bash the NRA and let us keep this thread on topic. Dave's article and Dave himself deserve it. Thank you.
  7. 2Wheels4Ever

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    Did you expect something different?
  8. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman
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    Well, with that kind of defeatist attitude, we (you) don't stand a chance.

    Who do you think the "gun lobby" is? YOU ARE. And your shooting and hunting buddies, the people here, not some monolith building back in Fairfax.

    And you know what the trouble with that lobby is? We can't seem to knock off bickering between ourselves. Everybody has his own idea of what should be done and when, and if anyone disagrees, they're automatically a traitor, the enemy, a "tool" (I detest that term) or a "fudd" (another detestable term, coined by somebody trying to puff his own ego while staring down his nose at someone else)

    Well, nothing is stopping you from voting against those Democrats, and getting your pals and neighbors to do likewise. But you just said what I said. We're not unified, and we never will be so long as those among us can't focus on who the real enemy is. The other side simply loves it when we fight amongst ourselves, and stir discontent in our own ranks.

    So learn from them. They get out the vote while way too many gun owners sit back on their fat apathies and complain from the easy chair in front of the boob tube, to the barstools down at the bubblegum. And on the keyboard.

    You complain about the NRA not supporting us. Okay, NRA put up what some people call a token effort. Everybody figured I-594 would pass, because the idea of background checks is popular with the average voter and even some of our own people.

    But when slightly under 50 percent of the voters don't even turn out, and that includes legions of our own people who didn't bother to return a ballot, WTH do you expect? NRA doesn't snap its fingers and produce busloads of voters who don't vote.

    Then send your money somewhere else. Try the Citizens Committee or SAF. Build an army from the grassroots.

    Belay that advice. We don't bash each other, we only "bash" the opposition.

    Paraphrasing what Spencer Tracy said in Northwest Passage about maintaining discipline in the ranks of Rogers' Rangers... You're not 'patriots,' you're not fudds, you're not skeet shooters, you're gun owners (Rangers).

    Mas Ayoob uses the term "brother" and he means it. Anybody willing to be in the fight without treating his fellows as something less, he's your brother. Or she's your sister.

    That doesn't mean we can't have spirited disagreements, but we don't spit on each other.

    We're not doing this for the NRA or GOA or CCRKBA we're doing this for our friends and families, and ourselves; our children and their children. We fight the battles we can win, and the more we win, the more they lose, so we fight other battles that become winnable, to make more battles over the horizon winnable tomorrow.

    Sometimes the discipline requires us to bite our tongues, practice some self-control. Forget about being some kind of "bad @$$" practicing in-your-face demagoguery. (And post images of ourselves with AR15s strapped in restaurants or grocery stores or some other public venue on Facebook, because we think it looks "tacticool." Images like that become evidence if you're ever prosecuted for a firearms violation.)

    This weekend we celebrate the birth of our nation. A lot of good people died to give us that freedom. We're all supposed to be on the same side. From now forward, let's start acting like it.;)
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  9. jvbutter

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    Well put Dave
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  10. Stomper

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    I get frustrated to no end sometimes but I heard the following statement on the radio the other day and it cause me to strengthen my resolve, again.

    "Giving up is a permanent solution to a temporary situation...."

    HELL YEAH!!! :mad:
  11. BoonDocks36

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    Dave W., Not only Well Said, But exquisitely Crafted Writing.

    I am so Tired of the naysayers, who voice Loudly the Cant's but do Not even Have A Whisper of maybe this will Work.

    Once upon a time, in a Viet Nam Vet Group ... I was Checking Out, as the Group was not working for me.... The Group Leader told the Group that I had something to say, and would develop the Nights topic.

    Well, to the Point, this Gunny Sargent decided to Ream this Army Specialist.... He had a vendetta against the Army Slogan of "An Army of ONE" a sincerely Stupid POV....

    I said the Majority of my work in RVN was on a TelePhone Pole.... Then, I Calmly asked him, How Many Marines does it take, to climb a Telephone Pole at Zero Dark Thirty, to re-Establish COMMO, from bunker line to OPERATIONS CENTER.

    I love popping balloons with a Needle.

    philip, keep writing Dave, you will help those Who Understand, BrotherHood, someday... To UNITE.
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  12. bakersman345

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    Here's the problem, the nra can only fight so hard. They are to busy playing political football and being "safe"
    -because the liberals turn everything true and direct into a politically correct thing, (they hate, there racists, they are corporatists', they don't care, thats homophobic, bla, bla, bla) and the masses eat it up and if you tell the truth you become one of those labels and people hate you.

    i for one refuse to succumb to there game. I will call a spade a spade, and a horse a horse. People will come around. In the mean time I'll support the nra and any other group that helps protect our rights.

    we need to organize, rally, write letters(not emails), gather signatures and pass legislation. It can be done look what the liberals accomplish with a small % of people working. Its up to us. Businesses will get on board once we have public support. Americans love freedom, liberty, and guns for Christ sake.

    -Remember life is nothing without a little risk. Its no fun. They want to live in a gray, pale world wrapped in bubble wrap, full of weakness and bore. That doesn't represent the red white and blue.
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