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    New to the Forum today. Was looking up Kesselring's when I found this site. I travel to Firearms shops from Lacey, Enumclaw, Sequim/Port Angeles, Bellingham over to Wenatchee and everywhere in between. Only been to a couple in Seattle proper, but lots of them in the outlying towns. There are a lot of shops out here if you don't mind traveling a bit. Cannot always find everything on the market, but I can only think of one handgun I couldn't locate anywhere in the area. Finally found it a few months after I bought something similar by the same Manufacturer. It was a Browning Buckmark Bullseye in Stainless Steel with the 7.25 inch barrel I wanted. Ended up buying the 7.25 barreled Buckmark Hunter instead. Still a great gun, just not as sharp looking. Came with a Weaver rail and I put a Green Dot Reticle on it, very sharp. I target shoot about 40 times a year indoors and a half dozen times outdoors on the Peninsula. I wish I had taken up this Sport/Hobby about 30 years ago! I truly enjoy shooting and talking with younger folks about firearms; even with the limited knowledge I have compared to some of the folks I have met in the past few years. Never owned a firearm till 3 years ago. Used to shoot pellet pistols and pump pellet rifles in addition to .22LR Remington up in Wisconsin as a youngster. Was away from shooting for over 35 years. Glad to be back and part of the Great Pacific Northwest.:thumbup:
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