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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by lxarth, Mar 30, 2013.

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    I'm very new to shooting and collecting. After my friend took me shooting last summer I got hooked and couldn't help myself. Be that as it may, I would like to do what I can for my nieces and nephews so they they don't get to my age without ever enjoying the sport or even learning to hunt.

    Now, I'll admit, I don't know anything about hunting...all I've ever done was fish, but would like to learn the hunting trade, and find a way to introduce the younger ones into it safely.

    Now, on to my question. At what age do you introduce children to guns. By that I mean allowing them to fire under supervision or even "own" there own. Personally, I think around 6 is a good age, sooner for gun safety (stop, don't touch, leave, get an adult). Should it be sooner? Older? Part of me thinks that as long as they are closely supervised it would be find to lay down and help them sight in cans and plink away at any age.

    What about for a BB gun? Would it be good to introduce them to a BB gun, then a .22, and up and up?
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    Yes. I was introduced to shooting a .22 at 3 years old. All of my kids have gone to the range since very little, that way there is no shock when it comes to the loud noises. I've seen kids afraid just because of the bang.

    As long as you are careful and tech proper safety and fundamentals, you'll be good.
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    The first impression matters a lot. Criticizing them harshly, laughing at their lack of skill, insisting on staying on the range longer than they wish, etc. will turn them off, possibly forever.

    Here's a video on introducing women to shooting:, children can be just as sensitive.

    Before introducing your kids to the "bang", show them a few youtube vides with kids shooting. Increase the volume slightly when you replay it and they already know that nothing bad is going to happen.
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    There's no hard rule for age, IMO. It's when a child is "ready", meaning they can intellectually understand that the necessity of safety rules for a gun, and that even though a gun is just a tool, there are consequences for failing to use the tool properly.

    Everyone has different methods. I've seen some guys start their kids off with airsoft and BB guns before graduating them to .22. Rifles rather than pistols are a bit easier, I think.

    You might like this vid:

    "Children of the Gun" by Nutnfancy, Part 1 - YouTube

    Nutnfancy can sometimes be a little bit long winded, but there's lots of great nuggets of advice in there.

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