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    We should not waste any time nor should we be constantly on the defensive... Always wondering what their next move will be.

    In light of this latest shooting we should be pushing pro-ccw laws and protect those rights in schools.

    I dont know what it takes to get something on the ballot, and I assume every state is different...

    I'd like to see WA have a vote on ccw on campus in 2016. Not just Oregon style carry at school, but with protections for students and teachers who carry responsibly.

    Where at UCC anyone with a chl could carry legally, but could face termination, expulsion or other disciplinary actions within the school system. I want to see those kinds of administrative rules outlawed in publicly funded institutions.

    EVERY state that doesn't have ccw on campus should be pushing it this election cycle.

    I feel like just another ant on the anthill here waving my arms around.
    But I'm tired of being on the defensive, I'm tired of being targeted for exercising my constitutional rights.

    We never take the offensive. We constantly are letting Brady and Bloomberg set the pace.
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