Internetestosterone runs high in some guys when they see "someone else" calmly doing his business.

Reminiscent of this incident in Phoenix.

Another great example of some really cool headed action. BIG difference between doing this at paper or pop can's, and doing it to a target that is shooting at you. Not to mention this one shot stop like this sure as hell beats when you see multiple offices open up on someone like this. Since a lot of those rounds never seem to hit the dobad.
Officer Munn is rocking the new GBRS GROUP hydra Micro/Laser mount. I want to try it.
It’s really sad that GBRS steals product ideas from their ex buddy Slade Cutrer of Forward Observations Group.

Now the Chinese steal from GBRS 🤣😭

SC Irregulars
Karma’s a b!tch

btw kudos to Officer Munn what a absolute Chad!

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