I do not believe he was taking fire
Um, yes, he was...

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Scumbag had what looked like 2 short barrel rifles.

I would be curious if the scumbag had stamps for them. Or not.
I would lay money he could not own a gun at all. He must not have been a CPL holder as I am sure the news would have made sure to point that out. At least he did those of us who pay taxes the favor of making sure they did not take him alive so we could support him for the next many decades. The way he was acting I am sure he was looking to take some more people with him. Good on that Cop that he put him down before he could.
There seems there has always got to be someone to tell all "hey no big deal". Sure, easy to say from a computer after its done. That guy did an amazing job and knows how to use the tools he has. We could use more like him.
Internetestosterone runs high in some guys when they see "someone else" calmly doing his business.

Reminiscent of this incident in Phoenix.

Standing, supported by car, 183 yards with a red dot, with the bad guy firing at him. Not many LEOs can be that calm and collected. Combat infantry/Marines though....
Considering the average OIS is less than 10 rounds and the average infantry unit scores one kill per 50,000 rounds fired…..maybe you got it backwards?

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