Get Rid of Stuff – shredding, hazmat, etc.

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    This thread might die fast, or it might catch on. Let’s post some info here for each other and get rid of some stuff! Doesn’t matter what city you‘re in, post it here and the locals wherever you are will benefit.

    Coming up, there will be a couple of free hazmat drop-offs:
    - SW Bible Church in Beaverton 9-2 on 03-31-2012
    - Fowler Middle School in Tigard 9-2 on 04-28-2012
    Works for me. I have a couple boxes of 1950-60’s DDT, malathion, rat poisons, slug baits, dead camp stove fuel, etc., to drop off and save a $5 fee at the local recycling place.

    Shredding? It’s up to you how you feel about dropping off old taxes or bills for strangers to shred. Sometimes your waste/recycling company will accept your shredding for free. Storables in Tigard collected shredding last weekend. But alas, I was at another recycling event with a new/old rifle, regifting copper jacketed lead to Mother Nature in the coast range.

    Forest Grove recycling was accepting couches, appliances and stuff like that a month or so ago, and someone else out there was taking dead electronics last fall.

    So let’s pool some of this info right here and get the word out!

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