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Get busy in washington state

let your reps know that if house bill 3359 sees the light of day you will fire them. This is serialized ammo bill and you will not be able to afford to shoot any store bought ammo mil. surplus will not be allowed in to the state and you can forget ammo reloading or bullet casting.Muzzle loaders will be gone (no bullet base to stamp number on) You guys on the leftist coast best flood your reps over there the ones from over here are all pro gun. E mail is not as effective as phone calls(unless you can flood their system and crash it) and snail mail They have a hard time ignoring all that paper that shows up deleting E-mail is easy.
Here's what I found on it so far. This is from February of this year:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding House Bill 3359, Concerning pistol
ammunition. This bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee
where it did not receive a public hearing. Further, it failed to meet
the constitutional deadline of February 12 to pass from its house of
origin. It appears that HB3359 will not be considered further this
session. However, keep in mind that no bill is considered to have
failed until the Legislature adjourns on March 13.

As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, rest assured that I will
continue to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens "to keep and bear

Thanks again for your message. If I may be of further assistance, please
let me know.

Senator Val Stevens
39th Legislative District
Is this being reintroduced for the 2008-2009 session?
Looks like it's dead... for now. That's about the wackiest thing I've seen in awhile. They should check the water filters in Mountlake Terrace.


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