Get Around Those Oregon and Washington National Forest Recreation Passes

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    I recently discovered that the Senior Lifetime Pass for national parks, which anyone over 62 can buy for $10, also serves as a US Forest Service Recreational Pass in WA and OR, as well as covering all regular day use fees at US Forest Service campgrounds.

    Also, it gives you a 50% discount on camping fees and other special access fees at federal facilities. I didn't realize this until I pulled into a USFS campground day use area on the Oregon coast and the picture of my National Parks Lifetime Senior Pass on their sign caught my eye. I did a little more research when I got home and found this page:

    Region 6 - Passes & Permits (


    If you're over 62 all you need to do is spend the $10 once in your lifetime and you're good for a whole bunch of things that are otherwise nickel and dime nuisances. senior-parks.jpg
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