WTS/WTT OR German Sig P228

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    I have a nice German P228 with some extras for sale or trade. Comes with additional threaded barrel, three 18rd magazines and four 15rd magazines all made by Mec Gar. Also comes with a Blackhawk Level 3 holster. About 150 rds down both barrels.

    I have two of these and I'm looking for something a bit lighter for my wife.

    Looking for $950.

    will take in trade:
    Tikka T3 Lite
    FN 9mm with cash
    Ruger Gunsite Scout and cash
    Savage 10 308 and cash
    FAL (NOT Century or Hesse)
    Tikka T3 308 and cash

    63df1ffe-acc2-452f-9abe-0ab5ee0d98d3.jpg 449b115c-82c6-4c09-9135-4d542eca09d0.jpg 0981bd20-a249-40cd-907b-4166b1bf0ec8.jpg
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