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    This Is our German Shepherd Mia.
    She is approx. 19 months old and we have had her for almost 2 months.
    We are looking to re-home her, and this is why…
    We got her from a local kennel who suggested, after adescription of our home and lifestyle, that Mia would be the ‘perfect’ dog for us. This being our first dog, we tooktheir ‘expert’ advice and brought Mia home. We have since learned that GSDs (German Shepard Dogs) need more space and exercise than we can provide. Not only did we have the challenge of keeping her exercised and focused, but she was also a ‘rescue’ dog. Meaning she came from far less than ideal circumstances. Some experts we have spoken with believe she suffered from abuse and neglect. She did in fact already deliver a litter of puppies before she was rescued. She has come a very long way in the short time we have had her. She is still very timid of strangers (not aggressive inthe least) and has put on 12 pounds or so. She is now kennel trained and housebroken. She does pretty well on a leash but is still learning not to pull. Iwould say that she does awesome 90% of the time on the leash. She is very cautious but mostly friendly with other dogs. I would not put her in a home with a cat, though she seems to do ok with the neighborhood felines as long as they don’t run. If they bolt then her chase instinct kicks in.
    She is a beautiful and appears to be a classic pure bred GSD(no papers but info from the kennel and her appearance seem to bear that out).She has become very affectionate and lovesto chase tennis balls and Frisbees and chew on bones.
    We would like to recover some of our costs as we have spenta lot of money acquiring her and all that goes with that. We would like to get $200 but that is highly negotiable as its far more important to us that shegets an excellent home that is prepared to give her what she needs.
    She is spayed and Chipped and up to date on all shots (paperworkwill be provided to prove this). We have also taken her through a 5 weekbeginners training course at Petsmart so she is very adept at sitting andimproving on ‘come’ and ‘leave it’ type commands. She is very fond of cheese asa treat for performing these commands.
    A minimum requirement to be considered for re-homing will bea large properly fenced yard or acreage. We are very sad to see her go, but feel it is in her best interest.

    All comments, suggestions and inquiries via PM please inorder to avoid needless bumps.


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