German Shepherd Pups

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    I've got 9 of the little buggers, 1 female reserved, some interest in the others. These are purebred, and registered, will come with health guarantees. Parents have both hips and elbows OFA certified, along with some other health clearances. Sire is a white long coat from white show lines, dam is black and tan from german working lines, and am. show lines (no issues with hips here though). Both parents are super affectionate, intelligent, have high prey drive, and are also protective. Neither dog is bothered by gun shots either.

    Pups are all black and tan/silver. Some pups have long coats, some have short.

    Asking $700 for a pet (limited reg, no breeding rights) or $1000 if you want to show or breed.

    Edit: more info here.

    Bump with a new pic.


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