German Made Sig P226 with many extras/custom work SPF!!!!

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by im566, Dec 4, 2011.

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    SPF!! Sold pending funds!!!!

    Hi, I have a W German P226 that has been to both Gray Guns and CCR for some mayor upgrades.
    Simply the finest auto I have handle. Trigger has been tuned for the smoothest feel possible.
    Accuracy is at a very high level for me.
    West German Sig P 226 9mm DA/SA with matching triple serial numbers
    -Short reach trigger
    -2-15rd factory mags
    -1-18rd high cap factory mag.
    -1-20rd factory mag
    The 15 and 20 rds mags have been rebuilt with ISMI springs and the rubber bumper floor plates.
    This pistol was sent to Gray Guns for the following work:
    -Reduced Reset Comprehensie duty package- $295, see link:
    SIG Sauer Pistols : Grayguns by Bruce Gray
    -Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight: $80
    -Warren Tactical rear sight: $90
    Gray Guns spicialize in tactical mods for Sigs. The trigger work on this one is amazing.

    The entire pistol has been refinish by CCR-Refinish at a cost of $300, see link:
    Cummings Custom Refinishing
    -Slide, barrel and controls are CPII (Electro less Nickel composite process that incorporates Boron Nitride particles within the matrix)
    -Frame is Cerahide Tri-tanium (thermally cured coating that has a Ceramic infused Nano matrix)
    It has been fire less than 300 rds since the upgrades.
    Includes Sig fatory box. It has $765 on the custom work alone, This gun has over $1400 on it , only selling beacause is just to big for my hands and looking for a gun for my wife.
    I will be happy to email pics to interested people, email me for questiosn please at
    What I will like to trade it for:
    Glock 17 gen 4 with night sights, surefire X300, glock 19 with night sights gen 3-4,Aimpoint M3 (for my Socom II),Reflex sight for the AK, Arsenal in 7.62x39,Bolt action 308, stock for M1a (TROY, vLTOR), Cheapo AK if it works and is not canted, Mags (steel 30rd AK , AK drums, M1A mags), ammo (308, 7.62x39, 9mm),Erberlestock back packs in coyote, assaul vest, generator, combination of listed items, or?? plus cash if value of your trade is less than mine, I will put a value of $825-$925 on this fine Sig, would prefer FTF trades, I'm the Portland/Sandy area.
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