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Found this at local Yard Sale. The 606 charts for Ruger Single Six 6.5”, but can’t find info on what 78 is for. Any idea too on what the value might be or estimate on year manufactured? Thanks
Also it’s very smoky, how best to remove smoke?
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Nice find.
I have bought chainsmoker owned goods before. I use a day like today and just lay everything out in the sun . Nylon usually airs out pretty good that way. No memory of leather being that bad. I've had more leather that reeked of mold (musty) smell. One 2 gun cowboy rig actually had to go in the trash because it was so bad.
I do up any belts and holsters that are heading outside with Snoseal, 2 or 3 times. It smells good to me.
SnoSeal is basically just beeswax. If you get the cig smell knocked down some, and apply that product it may mask it.
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