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Gentleman’s pre-ban AK package

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Here’s an AK package not suitable for yahoos or whippersnappers. It’s an almost mint condition 1987 pre ban Chinese AK-47S, made alongside their military rifles, rather than in Norinco/Polytech factory’s meant for civilian export. It has a straight cut receiver so replacement furniture is easy to come by, which is good news cause some hooligan got their hands on it, and attached a thumbhole turd. It has a threaded barrel, as well as a bayonet lug, just in case knives on your guns is your thing. The only markings it has are the model number AK-47S, as well as the importer R.A.I in California. Apparently this batch had 4000 rifles, and some were used in Hollywood stuff. It wouldn’t make sense to shoot this thing with normal mags, but if you don’t want to get the good ones dirty or something, I have A Pmag, a short mag, and some other metal mag you can use. When you’re feeling fancy, you can break out these two genuine Russian waffle mags. If you’re getting some Cold War vibes, you can use the 9 Bakelites. The current top cover with the rail is an official accessory made in one the arsenals, but if you want the classic look there’s also a normal top cover included that you can attach. I wouldn’t leave you without ammo, so you’ll have 60 rounds brass case PPU, as well as 480 more rounds of Russian surplus brick ammo. Good for stashing. Looking to trade for other cool firearms/motorcycles. 503-270-8589

B31AFD63-1CB0-475F-8D63-99E46BD75D14.jpeg 59C64C74-0ED6-4BC7-B39B-B9BB5E729044.jpeg E61E28A1-32BD-47BA-9E9A-5812FF26CD9F.jpeg CCF95667-734F-4D9E-A4DD-DF37C5370910.jpeg 9E4CFBB5-30AD-4B5E-97A4-3516B1970DA3.jpeg 5153EB2D-26D1-45DD-9BE8-07D506CDA4EC.jpeg 9BEB5DA3-E002-4606-8B4F-F6584018E719.jpeg 7B50013E-7543-4E68-9CF9-04A0CAD9E350.jpeg A02C9DDE-DE67-4843-B41F-6D5F3E673B5E.jpeg 6F146A5D-4AB2-4636-9218-24E0F937EE34.jpeg 0920C752-07D0-4E2A-9BAE-C632D29849FF.jpeg 65E9699B-D618-4B01-8F52-2710EC0642FE.jpeg 097AB12C-B503-40D1-BE6A-03C06D221F55.jpeg
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