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General purpose rifle red dot + steel challenge use

Shot my first match using a 22 with a cheap red dot and looking for a bit more advanced red dot. I'm also learning that I have a looooong, long way to go learning how to use a red dot. The first thread on this forum is providing some good education, especially the video series by Aaron Cowan with Sage Dynamics. The C-more railway seems to be the go to sight for 22 steel challenge but I'm not understanding why. The sight I used has multiple reticles with a dot and a 65 MOA circle. I really liked having the large ring with the dot inside, in fact, much more than the simple dot in a C-more, but I haven't actually shot with the dot alone. My first question then, is which one do you with experience prefer and why?

There is also the question of having not only the large sight area but also minimal interference/distraction from the sight itself. Obviously the C-more is the winner in that category but there are other brands out there that, although not as minimal as the C-more, don't seem to be too much of a distraction. In fact, I didn't even notice the sides of my sight once I started to concentrate on the dot and target. That brings me to the next question. Aside from the tube type and MRDS difference, does the frame type and thickness really matter once you get "in the zone"?

When looking at the different sights, I'm seeing some larger window sights that also have multiple reticles. If we go with the theory that the larger window and larger circle are helpful, the Holsun seems like a good price at $227 with coupon. I'm thinking that it will also serve me well as a general purpose red dot. Am I going completely out of the category with this type of sight?

Those are the questions I have for now and I also realize that I'm beginning to understand how little I actually know about using a red dot. Thanks in advance.
One of my favorites for speed steel shooting are the prism sights. Made by quite a few different manufacuters, the Vortex brand is one I really like. Price, clarity of view and the dot within a circle within a circle reticle is viewable during the noon day sun and can be sharply focused for my astigmatism. It's cool to be able to select red or green for the illumination as you see fit. Still available at Cabela's.
vortex prism.PNGreticle.PNG


Spitfire is nice, I have two on different rifles. I don’t illuminate them.

I also run a Vortex Crossfire red dot, Vortex Venom red dot (x2), Vortex Viper red dot and I think another one too.... oh yeah a Holosun.

tube style lends better for me on a rifle and the Venom/Viper style is good for pistols.
Finally settled on the Holosun He510c with the green reticle. Members letting me look through their sights was a big plus and helped out quite a bit. The Holson also has a dot within a circle as well as multiple reticle choices, which was a big plus for me. I read a few reviews and comparisons and it held up well against the Eotech despite being a reflex sight vs holographic. Optic Planets Black Friday discounts brought the price into the range I had in mind.

Thanks again to the members that helped out.



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