Game-changer: Saudis seek to re-balance Mideast against U.S.

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    Game-changer: Saudis seek to re-balance Mideast against U.S.

    Game-changer: Saudis seek to re-balance Mideast against U.S.

    Our unleader really did it this time.

    EILAT, Israel – Saudi Arabia is proposing a sweeping deal to Russia that solidifies Moscow’s
    position in the Middle East and Persian Gulf largely at the expense of the United States,
    according to informed Egyptian security officials.

    The deal incorporates increased Russian involvement in Egypt, Syria and the Persian Gulf, and
    even involves a Saudi guarantee to aid against terror plots targeting the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

    The Egyptian officials said the deal seeks to replace the U.S. with Russia as the major weapons dealer to Egypt.

    Read more at Game-changer: Saudis seek to re-balance Mideast against U.S.
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    Maybe if we didn't do the things that we do other countries wouldn't be working so hard to subvert us.

    Perhaps the Saudis are upset that our latest false flag was a flop. After all, we were supposed to have killed a million Syrian families by now based on scripted lies about those chemical weapons (used by Al Queda, supported by Israel and the US).

    NATO?s War on Syria Just Got Dirtier | Global Research

    The lengthy report goes on in detail, covering the manner in which Western leaders intentionally manipulated or even outright fabricated intelligence to justify military intervention in Syria – eerily similar to the lies told to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the escalation of the war in Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    Our actions around the globe leaves nations like Russia little choice but to prepare for our aggressions. These are the type of people we support:
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