WTS OR G35 Gen4 .40S&W competition pistol for sale

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by MrAnderson, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Changed my mind - not for sale.

    I've got a G35 (long slide .40 S&W) that I "built" for USPSA Limited Division and shot for one season (maybe 2000 rounds). I've since acquired a custom Limited pistol, so I am looking to sell this G35. Below are the list of mods and their cost. I have over a $1,000 in it, but I am not expecting to get that out of it. I just don't want it sitting in my safe collecting dust. Someone should shoot it! ;) Make me an offer - all "reasonable" offers considered.

    Gun - G35 Gen4, 3 mags, multiple backstraps - $600
    Ghost Trigger disconnector - $35
    Taran Tactical sights - $85
    Dawson ICE Magwell - $33
    Taran Tactical red basepads - $105 (3 x $35)
    Dawson black basepads - $70 (2 x $35)
    Lone wolf barrel - $105
    Extra mags - $60 (2 x 30)
    Total cost = $1,093

    Sights are FO front and black rear.

    The one thing I wanted to make sure I disclosed is that the Taran Tactical basepads did not work well with the Dawson ICE magwell and I was forced to take a rotary tool to the magwell insert and the slug that goes in the backstrap (see photo below). The insert can be replaced, if the new owner decides to not use the Taran Tactical basepads and stick with Dawson basepads, which obviously work great with their magwell! I just started with the Taran Tactical basepads, not knowing there would be a problem. Unfortunately, their basepads are really designed to be used without a magwell. :(

    Will meet in Hillsboro area. ODL required, CHL preferred.

    $850 obo. Will consider trades for: .44 mag lever rifle, .308 tactical rifle
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