G3/CETME/PTR91 tri rail

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    AK's all day.

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    Ive got a tri rail for the G3 or Cetme variant platforms.
    Hardly used but milled to allow the carry handle when installed.
    Yes, its UTG
    Yes, its bulky
    Yes, it is actually very solid when mounted.
    Yes, it does add a tacticool factor point.. I suppose.

    Ive got no use for it because Im a huge fan of the slim handguards.
    I received it when I purchased another rifle and Im doing some fall cleaning.

    For sale or trade.
    Sale price, I don't know..$25? Shipped on your dime or picked up locally on my time, close by, on a Sunday.

    *A steel 30rnd AK mag (please no korean mags)
    Or a US palm mag
    *Two USGI AR magazines used or new.. Just functional.
    *1 box of 9mm ammo (brass cased)...x2 boxes if steel cased

    Perhaps something else AR or AK related?

    Local pickup in the Hillsboro Aloha Beaverton area.
    PM for email or picture text

    Thanks for looking.
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