g26 for g19 or 17

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    please read the whole add before replying.
    first off dont ask how much this is a trade only!

    brand new, unfired gen 3 g26 with trijicons just bought from keiths and comes with everything it would come with new + 2 2 round mag extensions

    looking mainly for a gen3 g19
    if i dont get any offers on that i will consider a gen3 17.

    what ever it is it needs to have all the accessories that would come in the box if i was to buy it new. needs to be in brand new condition or REALLY close to it meaning less than 50 rounds down the tube.

    you need to be the original owner, i dont want a carry gun that has been handed all over the place
    10+ positive feedback required, delt with too many flakes.

    this will be face to face in beaverton with oregon id and we will sign a bill of sale.

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