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G19 light primer strike?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by geterdone, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. geterdone

    geterdone Lake Stevens Member

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    G19 has a light primer strike? Its only a handful of times out of about a hundred rounds. At first I thought ammo so I ran some dif stuff still same thing... Any ideas?!?!?

    Also what are some extra parts I should purchase to ahve on hand for the G19 I hate to ahve down time on my baby lol
  2. 2gr8dgs

    2gr8dgs oregon Active Member

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    you might have some gunk in your firing pin channel, If the gun is not original to you, someone could have put a lighter striker spring in it. replacing every questionable spring in the gun is actually pretty affordable. I sent you a P.M. on a parts kit I found that should work for you. Good Luck!
  3. joeroket

    joeroket Everett,Wa. Active Member

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    Does it happen with any ammo? I had a S&W that hated sellier&bellot ammo and acted like it was a light strike every 20 or so rounds. I had no issues with any other ammo.

    If it happens with all ammo then gunk could be your culprit. oil in the striker channel is a no no and can attract crap that can bind up the striker. It could also be a broken or severely worn striker spring.
  4. MikeIsh

    MikeIsh Portland Member

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    Easiest way to check the firing pin, is to remove slide, then depress the firing pin safety plunger, and shake the slide if the firing pin channel is gunked up the firing pin won't shake loosely. Simple fix is clean the channel. If it is not gunked up, and shakes loosely, then think about new firing pin spring.
  5. EagleEyeEOD

    EagleEyeEOD Pacific NW Member

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    You have been given some excellent advice already! My Gen4 now has 5K thru it and no issues yet. The only thing I ever do to my G19 is put new sights on and add my beavertail grip. If it isn't new, gut it. I am sure there is a reason for people to change firing pins, firing pin springs, guide rods, trigger springs, extractors etc. I just haven't been able to find a reason to swap crap out for an everyday carry defensive hand gun. If 2gr8dgs gave you a parts list, that is really all you need. I would just say be sure you are ordering the correct Gen parts.

    My co-worker just ran thru a bout of FTF with light strikes, about 4 of every mag. Quick teardown revealed minuscule brass particles in the firing pin spring, starting to coagulate with the Mil-tech that spilled in his range bag. Note: don't lube anything other than the ears on the lower receiver. The firing pin channel should be clean and dry.
  6. spookshack

    spookshack Forest Grove, OR Life Member Lifetime Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    Incorrect....you also need to put a drop of oil where the connector and
    trigger bar meet. ;)