WTS WA FWB C20 CO2 pistol and BRNO TAU-200 CO2 rifle

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    Feinwerkbau C20 .177 10 meter target pistol with Nygord compensator. This is a beautiful and extremely accurate German piece that includes two spare CO2 cylinders (three total) and tank fill adapter, all in very good condition. Price is $400.

    BRNO TAU-200 .177 target rifle with electric blue synthetic stock, Bushnell scope, original iron sights, and bulk CO2 cylinder in good condition. This is a very accurate wolf in sheep's clothing made in Czechoslovakia in 1992. See factory test target below. Price is $250.

    If you buy both, I'll knock $50 off the pair ($600 total) and will throw in a steel 20lb CO2 cylinder with siphon tube.

    Located in Seattle. No trades, thanks.

    FWB_C20_left.jpg FWB_C20_right.jpg TAU200_Left.jpg TAU200_Right.jpg testTarget.jpg
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