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Funny? Gun Show Story

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Spitpatch, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Attending gun shows (at both sides of the table) for 42 years, I've had some interesting experiences, some disappointing, some extremely rewarding, and some downright confusing. This one nearly takes the cake:

    Table guy has numerous sets of used reloading dies, among which is a set of .444 Marlin RCBS dies. They show evidence of some regular use, but no abuse. Since the .444 is a cartridge that not many guys use, and those that do don't load for it as frequently as say, a .223 or .30-06, I am interested in the decent .444 dies for a friend in Montana that just got a nice rifle in that caliber and is looking for dies.

    No price on the set, so I ask. "Thirty five dollars" is the reply. I politely offer $25 cash. Table guy mutters a bit, pulls out his Midway catalog and looks them up and finds what I already know: They retail there for $39.49. I think we both can rightly assume this is for a new set. He shows me the catalog and says, "It'll cost me that much to replace them."

    I'm wondering what that statement has to do with anything on planet earth, and so I politely remind him that his set for sale is used. He declines to come down one cent on his $35.

    I spent the rest of my time at the show trying to make sense of his logic. Why does he feel the "need" to "replace" a set of dies from his big pile of used dies for sale? Why not make a reasonable counter-offer?

    I try to convince myself that his dear old grandmother left him that specific set of .444 Marlin dies as the only rememberance to him of her time here on earth, or that he is really a custom jewelry maker and constructs gorgeous baubles out of reloading dies to grace the neck and cleavage of fair virtuous maidens.

    I'm sure many of you have had comparable experiences. This one still has me totally perplexed.
  2. The Duck

    The Duck Oregon Active Member

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    I have a story such as that, but the price difference was far worse:

    I was looking for a Troy forward grip for a build about six-eight months ago (can really remember). I am more of the "instant" gratification type of guy and wanted to have it right away instead of ordering it online.

    Went to the Portland Gun Show and found a table which had a few sitting there for the whopping price of $115.99 (really stuck out in my mind). Seeing that price, I offered the man an even $60 (see the link at the end of the story). He replied: "They cost me over $80.00 to even stock them" and then he laughed at me...

    I whipped out my smart phone, looked up Troy Ind. and showed the web page. He did not like that move and stood solid on his price of $115.99

    Now I would like for you guys to follow the link:

    My offer was pretty fair, at least in my eyes?
  3. elkfish

    elkfish NW Oregon Member

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    I know just the deal. I lost a butt stock spacer for a AR fixed stock a while back and thought I would pick up another at the next show. Brownell's wanted $4. for one + shipping. I found a well used but usable one most likely close to 15 years old finish worn 50% but who sees it once its installed.
    Ask the guy, how much? HE says $5! I reply, I just want the spacer not the screw or anything else how about $3, that seemed more than fair since it looked like it had been through the gulf war and I really needed it. He comes back $5 again! I said $4.00 he walks away like I cursed out his mother.

    I found one later brand new for $3.50. He will carry that worthless part in is tackle box for the next 20 shows and still not get his $5.

    I have stopped regularly going to shows anymore because of the prices. When now adays you can by a 25 round 10-22 mag for $12 at bi-mart and guys at the show still have them for $30. I really have to look anymore to find realistic prices. I guess it pays to be educated.

  4. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Reminds me of an ad on TV some time back, for the Yellow Pages:

    Guy has a store with the sign out front that says "Arnold's Carpet".

    "On the spot" interviewer asks Arnold why he doesn't advertise in the Yellow Pages. (Conspicuously, there is only one carpet in the store.)

    Arnold replies that if he sold the carpet, then his store "wouldn't be Arnold's Carpet anymore now, would it?"

    Ad concludes with the statement that people who want to sell things, advertise in the Yellow Pages. People who dont, dont.
  5. A2theK

    A2theK Olympia Member

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    He probably was buying them at Cabelas and reselling them or lying. I'd go with the latter.
  6. Blackfeather7

    Blackfeather7 Oregon Member

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    Years ago there was a sign you could see from 101 (before it was the freeway) in Santa Rosa, Ca that said "WE BUY JUNK AND SELL ANTIQUES."