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Discussion in 'Firearm Legislation & Activism' started by Hawaiian, Apr 6, 2015.

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    Bloomberg claims that 40% of gun sales are conducted without a background check. Is SB 941 going to include a 40% funding increase for the Oregon State Police background check unit? The Senate Committee needs to address this. But they will try not to.
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    Not only that, but will stores even participate? If they all get together and either charge a lot more, or refuse service, would we have a legal case as to a right denied due to the ludicrous burdens placed on private transfers? (this isn't even going into the whole poll-tax argument). And can the stores be forced to perform a government service? Unfunded mandate?

    I don't think the recent amendment added allowing people outside of 40 miles to mail their firearm to an FFL will work either. If I remember, I believe handguns can only be sent to/from in the mail thru an FFL. Rifles are ok.

    Note: In Colorado they believed the "40%" lie, and budgeted accordingly. So far, after 20 months ( and 3 arrests, bookings only), it is less than 5%. I'd say "I told you so", but the average gun-control advocated doesn't listen, only talks.
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    How can we get a countering campaign to operate against these people?

    They say they don't want to deprive us of our guns, the liars. Is Bloomberg behind this? Why hasn't the NRA sponsored a counter? If I had all the money I've given the NRA over the years I could do it, why aren't they? Isn't that their job? I'd pay more just to counter this ad campaign.
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    Just like the DMV, you get a ticket and wait in line. They dont care if you have to wait an extra hour or day or week.

    Im not waiting for anyone to come help us. We have to do this ourselves. We got out recall effort going. Jump in and help us out. Even if you are not in the area perhaps you can come to Portland for the day and help collect signatures.

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