Fun shooting today!

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    I had a fun day of shooting today, Didn't shot ton's but was out for quite some time.

    This morning I took my nephew out shooting for his 13th birthday. He is one heck of a shot and at times outshoots me. Needless to say I am proud and jealous at the same time. Gave him a box of PMC 62grn XTAC LAP ammo and a bunch of remington. Amazing what it does to big chunks of aluminum.

    This afternoon was the adults turn to shoot, with my son. My friend brought out some tannerite and I didn't think such a small target would make such a report. We were about 150 yards away with 3 targets. I shot the first one. Small flash of light with a big white puff and BANG! Wasn't ready for it but really enjoyed it. I thought it would have been much quieter.

    My 3 1/2 year old son wanted to shoot the AR-15 so I got it loaded and I held it for him so he could pull the trigger. He was upset cause I needed to hold the gun. Then we went for the .308. I thought he would run from the noise even though he was wearing muffs, but he wanted more. "I shoot the guns daddy, I kill a bear daddy." I found my little hunting buddy...looking forward to when he's old enough to carry a rifle by himself, a couple years down the road I'm sure!

    I also shot my first handloads for my .308 and I am impressed. Same as the handloads for my .270, dead freaking on. Wherever my crosshairs are is where I'm hitting. Now I'm confident in my loadings I'll use 'em for hunting. Not one misfire or flier. I'm pumped!!!
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