Fun Day On The Range With The Venerable 45 Colt

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    Some time ago I reviewed my first Smith and Wesson Performance Center Revolver (S&W 625) chambered in the venerable 45 Colt. It is one of few firearms on this site with a perfect 5 star rating. Since owning this great piece of American craftsmanship I have fallen in love with the 45 Colt cartridge.


    Over the years there have been many arguments and questions surrounding the 45 Colt. Is the proper name 45 Long Colt? What's the purpose of 45Colt since 45ACP can do everything it can do? Today I am not here to review the 45 Colt; nether am I here to try and answer any of the above questions or try and clear up any of the debates surrounding this magnificent cartridge. Today I just want to share my experience with you of shooting 140 year old 45 Colt cartridge over a brand new chronograph for the first time.

    45ColtChronoSmall (1).jpg

    Chronograph Read Outs: S&W 625 45 Colt Performance Center 6in barrel, Target B34 25 yards, Chronograph 8Feet from the muzzle.

    255 LRN (.452") 5.9 grains Alliant Red Dot, Starline cases, Winchester Large Pistol Primers April-13-2013 60°F Roll Crimp .471
    Avg Vel=853
    Std Dev =20
    ES = 87.85
    High = 890.9
    Low = 803
    Number Shots = 18
    Excellent Accuracy
    Very Little Powder Residue
    Very Smoky when fired due to bullet lube

    I also fired this same load over the chronograph from a Ruger Alaskan 454/45 Colt. Visit Fun Day On The Range With The Venerable 45 Colt For the accuracy and velocity results of both pistols.


    45ColtChronoSmall (1).jpg

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