WTS WA Fully Tuned SA 308 in McMillan w/Krieger Barrel

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    This is fully blue printed Rem 700 SA chambered in 308. All of the gunsmithing and bedding was performed by tpryder of PNW lore. His work is outstanding.

    The receiver has had the bolt raceway trued, bolt lugs lapped and faced, threads trued, and the bolt was threaded for a Badger Ordnance Tac knob. The Krieger #10 contour 24" long 11.25 twist barrel was cut to length, chambered, crowned and then fitted to the receiver and stock in front of a Badger Ordnance stainless Heavy Recoil Lug. A Timney trigger was added and set to 2lbs (adjustable 1.5lbs - 4lbs)

    It sits in a McMillan A5 stock, w/intergral adjustable cheek piece and LOP. It has been bedded for a PTG stealth detachable bottom metal system that accepts AI magazines and includes 1x5rd and 1x10 magazine. On top sits a Warne scope base to guarantee a rock solid mount.

    Has seen only light range use, 160rds fired. Included is a 5-shot 100y group with 168gr Hornady BTHP. This rifle has shot exceptional with 155/168/175. I haven't pushed the larger bullets, but my actual tighest group was with plain Hornady 150gr SP. Thsi rig shot several .2s with a standard Varget load. The next load that proved exceptional used Hornadyd 168s... that grouped under 3/4" for a five shot at 200y (range limit). *Full disclosure, the bolt handle was turned down to accept the badger knob and still has some machine marks. I was planning on Cerakoating the rifle in FDE (the Cerakoat would cover the markings) but never got a round to it.

    Vortex Viper is now sold, but I do have several 3-15, 5-22 NF scopes available at an additional cost if interested.

    SOLD SOLD Asking $1950 or can ship

    SyyrLYvl.jpg LH8eCjTl.jpg 37Xdyapl.jpg
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