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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by dsolie, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Selling my complete setup. Upgrading to .45.

    Springfield XD40-sc. This has been my EDC for a year now and I am the original owner. About 1500 down the pipe (nothing for an XD). She has been reliable and never malfunctioned except once, when I put old crappy PMC in it.

    Since I am upgrading to .45, I am looking to sell all my .40 stuff in one big heap.

    Here is the list:

    XD40-sc Black on Black
    (2) 12 round mags with grip extension
    (1) 12 round mag
    (1) 10 round mag
    (1 maybe) 9 round mag (if I can find it...)
    Box with all gear (dual mag holder, holster, loader, lock brushes, manuals etc etc) Gear except loader has seen light, if any use.
    (1) Crossbreed Tuckable IWB mag carrier.

    103 Rounds Federal HST mix 155gr & 165gr in plastic tupperware
    250 Rounds BVAC 165gr Plinking ammo in plastic tupperware
    Any other ammo I find laying around for it

    This is a ready to carry setup. With the gun, stock holster (ewwww) and ammo, you can carry this instantly. She has been a fantastic shooter, and I will miss her dearly! The ONLY reason this is for sale is I am getting a kick *** deal on a .45 I have been dreaming of.

    All this, and maybe more (if I find anything else). For $525

    No trades please.... Paperless transaction if you want. If you want paperwork, I will fill out paperwork. If you look like a young'n be prepared to show me something that says you are 21.

    I will break the package apart, but I will NOT sell the ammo until the gun is sold (this is my EDC, so I need ammo in the mags).
    XD40-sc with box & mags - $450
    HST Ammo - $ 50
    BVAC Ammo - $40

    Or, just buy the whole thing for $525!

    Gun is located in Olympia, willing to travel as far north as Surplus Ammo and as far south as the outlet malls in Chehalis/Centralia area.
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