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    STEINER Made In Germany 8x25 rubber armored Binoculars. Weighing in at only 12.oz. I just found them in a dry foot locker. I've had them stored for about 8 years over in Idaho. She used them for birdwatching a few times.. from our big window. Never took them out of the house. Superb German craftsmanship at a great price! I only wish that I'd kept the box. Specs: Poro-Prism Field of view 360'. Exit pupil 3.1 mm. 3¾x4¼x2½".

    These are NOT 2nds, nor are they refurbished like others are selling them! I don't think that these are still available for the U.S. market. Asking $100 firm, but I'll pay Shipping and Insurance! I'd be keeping them, but my wife wants to buy some bigger Nikons. We thought that we'd try here before Ebay.

    These are not refurbs. No refunds. Thanks.
    Gun Pal add $8)
    A NEW Custom built badge by Blackington.

    (The best badge company in the business)

    7 point star design with State of Oregon center seal.

    Superb badge without the custom wait!

    I ordered it a few years ago, and never wore it as I moved to Nevada, a couple weeks later where I was issued badges.

    I don't remember if it is Nickel or Hi-Glo finish.

    Still a great looking badge that will give years of service, or
    add to a collection.

    Will also include the clip-on black leather badge carrier.

    Asking $75 shipped.

    I accept money orders and Gun Pal (Add $5)

    You the buyer are responsible for proper use/display of this
    badge or patches.

    No trades or refunds.




    3 Police patches as shown.

    Never been worn.

    $22 shipped. (add $2 for Gun Pal)


    I now have 2 Glock posters for sale.

    Break In Case Of Emergency

    Police Patches

    Both of these have small pin holes in each corner but are serviceable for you gun room.

    $30 plus shipping/ins.

    Buy them somewhere else if you can find them cheaper.
    (Add $2 for GP)



    I purchased these last year on Ebay for my wife who was into Glocks.

    2006-2010 in superb condition.

    No tears or missing pages.

    2006-2009 are no longer in print.

    I just picked this up from my local Dealer.

    FREE 2010 GLOCK ANNUAL and Glock decal.

    Buy them from someone else if you can find them, or buy them cheaper.

    I'll also add this FREE Glock stuff!

    Also new additions:

    Know that the GLOCK pin in this auction is
    the older Gold type pin that is no longer

    Asking $35 plus shipping/ins on the annuals.
    Free shipping on the Glock memorabilia
    which will come in a small bag.

    I accept postal money orders or Gun Pal (add $4)
    A lightly used -

    Vintage SABLE IV from 2003.

    Made in Boise, Idaho by CHris Reeve Knives, and has been
    discontinued for some years now.

    WAS refinished and sharpened a couple weeks ago at CRK.

    Leather sheath is in great shape.

    You can store items in the handle.

    Knife is perfect for survival use.

    Payment by us postal money order only.

    More pics:

    Asking $325 (firm) plus actual Shipped and Insured.

    No trades, thanks.

    I'll include the knife, born on date card and sheath only.
    No Ruger LCR included, sorry.
    Contact me with any questions.

    CZ Factory Poster set of 4 posters!.

    CZ75B, Kadet Kit, All Pistols 2009,

    Also the new for 2010:

    The CZ Shooting Team (Europe)Awesome ********* Poster!

    So you now get 4 Posters In One Pack!

    CZ Factory posters are in pristine to superb condition.
    Been in dry storage and are as perfect as you can get
    from CZ-USA.
    Measurements Are: 26 inches tall x 18.3 Inches wide with blue borders.
    Awesome poster is a bit smaller, but great for your home or office!
    Perfect for framing.

    CZ-USA would charge you over $60, and postage, but they are out of posters, and Only I have the new "Awesome 3some" Posters.

    --So, THIS is the very first of my Spring 4 poster sets!

    FREE SHIPPING and a FREE CZ-USA black and gold Decal and new CZUB pin-CZ-USA pin with each set.
    I'll also throw in a new 75B nickel type Key ring!

    Look at all of them here:

    US Postal Money or other orders please.

    $45 per set. Free Shipping!

    NEW CZ75B/SP-01 CZ-USA 19-shot Magazine, Only.
    ( no sales to CA, or other restricted areas)

    FREE CZ-USA decal and pins. FREE Shipping!
    $40 Shipped/Insured. (Add $2 for Gun Pal)

    Thanks for your interest.

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