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Front Sight Training Institute in Pahrump, NV

I'm signed up for the 4 day defensive handgun class on Feb 4.

My wonderful daughter bought me 1,000 rounds of commerical 45 acp ammo for the class since I normally shoot my reloaded ammo which is not allowed at the class.

How is that for a fantastic daughter?


She definitely sounds like a keeper!

Regarding February in Pargumph, remember the desert can be cold so plan accordingly for layering. I realize you are from the great Northwest but it is problematic when your hind side is "bluer" than your gun barrel ;)

Have fun and don't forget to give an update afterwards!
They left me a long robo/recorded call a few days before Christmas and I'm on a 'do not call list'.

That doesn't say good things about them...

I did something akin to that as I happened to be next to the phone when it rang. Just after I heard it start in on a long, overly loud sales pitch: I picked up (yep, land line - I'm a geezer) the phone and let it drop back into the cradle - then erased the message.

Easy, but I shouldn't have to do even that...


Good luck and have fun there. They often have full auto guns to shoot during lunch on one of the days during the 4-day classes. Bring some extra cash and let a few magazines rip.
Have a great time.
Let us know how it goes.
Good advise - thanks all.

OK - I'll admit I'm over my head here.

I don't have a OWB holster, nor do I have magazine pouch.

Front Sight says they would like me to have an Over The Waistband holster without a trigger guard retention device. And magazine pouch for 3 magazines worn on opposite side from gun.

I have quite a few Cabelas points to spend on this but I'm really lost. I have a full size Sig P220 Stainless Elite.

Can someone give me some pointers.

Actually I'm hoping will just say "Here go buy this XXX and you'll be fine."

I've been a Front Sight member for many years now. Most recently completed the Tactical Pistol and Advanced Tactical Pistol classes last November. I've taken the Four Day Defensive Pistol Class several times, and the Four Day Tactical Shotgun class. I love going to FS and I don't receive any telemarketing calls from them. I blocked them on my email so I don't get any emails either.

Best holster for the class would be a basic Blade Tech with matching two slot mag pouch. That's genuinely all you need for the class. If you don't already have one, get a Maglula mag loader. Here's a couple links to some reviews I did for a couple classes:

Front Sight Four-day Tactical Shotgun Class

Front Sight Four Day Defensive Handgun Class

Please feel free to PM me with any questions about Front Sight!
I would like to hear how the FS experience went. I did the four day Pistol class in October & the weather was perfect. However, I was in Vegas this last February when you were going & the weather was unusually cold. We even had snow...hope all went ok & you didn’t .
I actually had to cancel the class. We were on our way home from Texas and as you say the weather wasn't great. Plus mama was getting home sick. It just was not in the cards this time. I do hope to get to the class but just don't know when.



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