From the NRA convention in Louisville:

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    NRA leaders: ‘political elites’ are destroying the country

    During Saturday morning’s annual meeting of members of the National Rifle Association, the organization’s top leaders zeroed on a theme that illustrates the deepening divide between average Americans, especially gun owners, and the politically elite that want to disarm them.

    Trump promises NRA ‘I will not let you down’ following endorsement

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was officially endorsed today by the National Rifle Association, after which he promised, “I will not let you down.”
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    In all of my 66 years I have never seen a political climate such as this one in which we are living. It is stark! Never have I witnessed such a clear division between those of us who honor and revere the Constitution and those who would happily turn the USA into the SSA [socialist states of amerika]. All this seemingly to enrich themselves further on other's hard work and protect their "power". Case in point is Venezuela. Venezuela has become just another 3rd world cesspool broke and dispirited. Only 10 years ago that country was successful with abundant natural resources. Now look at it. This sad story has been repeated all over the world when socialism comes to bear in full effect. IMHO socialism results in pathetic shared misery with fat, happy leaders continuing to exploit their people. North Korea leaps to mind as does several Balkan countries who went through this same process. Socialism never works. Attempting it by yet another group of "enlightened" progressives who claim to know what's best will continue to fail. Didja know that the first English settlers in Jamestown and Plymouth at first tried a socialistic approach to their living arrangements in the New World? It failed miserably. You can read it for yourselves. All of the current happy talk about demanding free this and free that will never work either. Honestly I do not want to see America become Venezuela,or worse. I will not advise others what to do in this political brouhaha. I am not a political animal. By avocation I am a historian who does not want to see this unique and great experiment of the US to disappear into the dustbin of socialistic "solutions". Be careful out there. It truly is a dangerous world. Choose wisely. Thanks. Pops

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