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    Kitz Is Out, Corvallis Is Back In
    February 14, 2015 in OFF Alerts

    Goodbye John.

    As you know, John Kitzhaber has announced he is resigning. While many will see this as good news, since he promised to make more restrictions on gun rights a “priority,” keep in mind his replacement, Kate Brown, will be every bit as bad as he was on gun rights. There is plenty of reason to believe she will be worse.

    Given the unprecedented nature of this change of administrations there is no way to predict what Brown will be doing. Needless to say, we will be watching. At the moment, the best way to describe the situation is “chaotic.” So vigilance now is critical.

    So much is happening at the Capitol, and at the county level, it would be easy to have things slip by locally. That’s why we wanted to let you know that the City of Corvallis is back on our screen.

    As you’ll recall, Corvallis was the scene of controversial effort to ban loaded carry of firearms.

    A concerted effort by many patriots appeared to have ended that effort, but please keep watching. The Corvallis Gazette Times is reporting, “The Corvallis Administrative Services Committee will discuss a possible solution to the open carry of loaded firearms question..”

    It’s telling that the paper thinks there needs to be a “solution” to something that isn’t a problem. Open carry has always been rare in Corvallis and never an issue in need of a “solution.”

    The Committee will be meeting next Wednesday at 1PM to discuss “a resolution on community safety and constitutional rights or a council policy on the same issues.”

    The meeting will be at the Madison Ave Meeting Room at 500 SW Madison Ave. Be there if you can.

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