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First is a very good condition Vietnam surplus French Foreign Legion MAS-49/56 which has been converted from original 7.5 to 7.62 Nato. Comes with original issued Bayonet and sheath, sling, 2 10 round magazines and the rifle grenade launcher night sight adapter. I have owned it for about 2 years and have fired less than 100 rounds through it. $1,000.

Second is a Century built Hungarian AKMS underfolder AK which has had the wood refinished to a high gloss blood red and black burnt stripe pattern by Black Wasps Customs (My business). I have owned this rifle for 1 year and have fired less than 60 rounds through it. The Russian slab side magazines IS NOT included, but will include 1 standard 30 round steel 7.62 magazine. $750.

I am mainly interested in trades for World War 2 weapons such as M1 Garands and M1 carbines. As well as Nazi Lugers and Russian SVT-40s. I have a high interest in Combloc weapons as well such as AKs/PSLs/RPKs/ etc. And most 9mm Submachine gun style firearms like MP5s/Uzis Etc. Not interested in any AR-15s at all.

If you buy both firearms together I will knock $100 off of price. ($1650)
I will not ship and will deliver within a reasonable distance from Bend Oregon. If there are any other questions please feel free to ask! If you are curious as to why i'm selling them, I am saving up to buy a Kalashnikov USA Vityaz 9mm SBR when they are released.

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