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    Have spent brass laying around and not a reloader? Freedom Munitions now has a brass exchange program. You can send in your spent brass and get credit towards your ammo purchase. Send in enough and you could pay for just about your whole order including shipping it you. Bottom Line, if for example you want to place an order for $1000 and send in $999 worth of brass you pay $1.

    The USPS 12"x12"x 5 1/2" cost $15.45 to ship anywhere in US. The boxes are free at the post office and you only pay the shipping to send them the brass.The credit you get will go towards paying for your entire order.

    Here are some samples of the brass credit program at the current brass price ($2.50/pound) less the $15.45 shipping for you paid:

    Sample Weights at $2.50lb. less shipping cost

    9mm=50lbs. or $109.55 order credit

    45auto=40lbs. or $84.55 order credit

    223=35lbs. or $72.50 order credit

    Note: Only calibers sold by Freedom Munitions are accepted for credit and you can send mixed acceptable brass in the same box. Credit can not exceed your order total including shipping.

    Brass Credit Program

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