Free Pistol?

Yup I got a Free pistol, and you can too! Just buy one. Free as is the one handed 50m shooting competitions. Im looking to start soon since I live close to a range in Kirkland that has regular events. Do any of you compete? Take a look at this beauty, 22lr Martini Henry single shot breech loading handgun. Made in the Soviet Union. TO3 35m. Or more commonly known as the "TOZ". CCCP stamp and all. 0.705oz trigger (20 grams) and adjustable. Ill need to bump this up, I swear you could breath on it and it would fire. Lever in the handle activates the action and the small lever by the trigger sets/engages the trigger. It wont fire unless you set the trigger. Ill update with pics of the finished grips, my dremil and hand tools are going to get some use!

20201010_200156.jpg 20201010_200123.jpg 20201010_194622.jpg 20201010_200216.jpg 20201010_200204.jpg 20201010_201253.jpg 20201010_201518.jpg 20201010_201536.jpg 20201010_201227.jpg 20201010_201757.jpg 20201010_201720.jpg 20201010_201745.jpg 20201010_201814.jpg 20201010_203839.jpg 20201010_204900.jpg 20201010_205015.jpg


Nor sure what u are talking about. Why would anyone want a big block of wood as a pistol. It that soumething are supposed to make on a lathe or something? Makes no sense to me why anyone would want something like that. Maybe its just the misleading title (Apparently on purpose) that starts the confusion but that is horrible looking.


Very nice. Like a Chevy short block you can go wild on the customizing on the grips. I never shot any of that Free stuff. I did pick up a nice pair of Uniquie ISU type guns lat year though.

Let the games begin. Im 4 hours in so far. Dremil has been the tool of choice 95% of the time. Its pretty interesting once you start. You realize the Soviets knew what they were doing with all the angles that were carved/cut from the factory. Plain stock it looks tough to figute out, but if you sit, think, drink, and trust your instincts by sight and feel, its both fun and fairly easy. I have big hands, which makes this a little easier. Instead of carving into my grips, I focus on carving out of them, this gives me a big grip, erring on bigger vs smaller side. It also allows the gun to sit lower in my hand, much like a CZ75. I decided to start with the thumb after thinking about arm wrestling. When I was a kid I would arm wrestle alot, I remember leading with my thumb when linking grips with my opponent. Seems that if my thumb feels good, I can adjust the rest of my hand from there, but it would be very dificult to carve it from finger/palm to thumb. My general goal is to have my hand totally relaxed with the pistol sitting in my hand like a glove. That way the only muscle I have to flex is my trigger finger. I have a vision for what im going for. Wish me luck.

20201118_233802.jpg 20201118_205139.jpg 20201118_233817.jpg 20201118_233823.jpg 20201118_233841.jpg 20201118_233907.jpg 20201118_233943.jpg 20201118_234009.jpg 20201118_233940.jpg
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