WTS WA Free Float Tube - under the handguards for NM Service Rifle

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    This is a tube that shrouds over your barrel. Since the swivel is mounted onto it (rather than the gas block) you can sling tightly without having an affect on your shot group. These are commonly used in high power competition for national match service rifles. The allen wrench shown was placed to keep the components upright during photography and is not for sale. The delta ring assembly is also not included as I suspect you would want to use your original (however I would include it for an additional $10).

    Free-float tube - under the handguards.JPG

    Unscrew your barrel nut/delta ring assembly and remove from your barrel.
    Insert the collar from the back side of the barrel nut/delta ring assembly and replace onto your barrel.
    Torque to your upper receiver.
    Screw the long tube onto the threaded portion of the collar, orienting the sling swivel at the 6 o'clock.

    If you want handguards for this I can add for an additional 20, otherwise I would suspect you'd just use your own.

    If you require assistance I'd be available.
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