Free camping near Timber, OR? Chicken camp?

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    So was out camping last weekend in one of my favorite spots off the devils fork of the Wilson river, and was told about an other undeveloped campground, by a ranger who happened by. He called it chicken camp and said it was near Timber along a creek. I cant seem to find anything about it with google and figured maybe someone on here knew something about it. Thanks!
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    IMG_3048.JPG I know this is old but I just saw it. The camping spot you are asking about has no official name and is not on the map. Chicken Camp is a name that dates back nearly 100 years as a logging camp and it just stuck. It is located at the intersection of NW South Lousignant Rd/NW Carlson Creek Rd near Timber Oregon. Those roads aren't on many maps either. GPS N45.76260,W123.31915

    You can get Tillamook Forest maps at 801 Gales Creek Rd, Forest Grove for about $10.00. Or online at for free. Most of the Forest Rangers use the app "Avenza Maps" and the maps are all free. You don't need cell service for the app.

    One warning is that spot is mainly hunters in the fall and a lot of shady characters in the spring and summer, but it is currently empty. It is right along Lousignant Creek. When you found this sign then you located the spot. I don't recommend shooting blindly into the woods as there is some adjacent private property and active logging operations in the area. But there are plenty of safe and legal spots to shoot nearby.

    There is also an improved camp ground nearby on NW Cochran Rd. Reehers Camp is a horse campground but they also have non horse spots. NW Carlson Creek connects up with NW Cochran Rd right next to Reehers Camp.

    Enjoy and be safe.
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